Spring Functional Components are the primary product of the NHK group. Using our technology and the know-how these built-in functional components are used in a variety of applications.


Spring Clutch

Spring Clutches are capable of transmitting large amounts of torque despite being smaller compared to electromagnetic clutches.
Also, it can help to reduce cost and electricity consumption compared to conventional products.


Lock Hinge

Lock Hinge has two types depending on the application. One is “Friction type” which uses a Thin Leaf Spring typically for small spaces. The other is “Coil Spring type” which uses a Wire Spring for parts requiring large force.


Mechanical Lock

Mechanical Locks are a lock mechanism of linear direction which makes use of a Coil Spring rather than using oil, air, gas, to operate. Also, it can lock at any position with simple operation and withstand large loads despite its compact size.