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Springs are the most featured product of the NHK Group.
We have various shaped, high quality springs for a variety of applications in order to meet our customer’s requirements.

  • Precision Spring

    Precision Spring

    Precision springs are manufactured to store elastic energy by using the resilience of the elastic body. Targets require various shapes and complex features but through the use of engineering technology, solutions can be offered.

  • Disc Spring

    Disc Spring

    Capable of enduring a large amount of weight across a comparatively smaller space. Also, a single spring can hold various special characteristics by overlaying in parallel or a series.

  • Thin Leaf Spring

    Thin Leaf Spring

    The production process of Thin Leaf Springs are highly dependent upon materials, shapes, required strength, etc.
    There are various materials used such as Carbon alloy, Stainless, and Copper alloy.

  • Wire Spring

    Wire Spring

    Wire Springs are researched and developed from all sides such as material, design, and processing method. Our wire forms are made to industry stress, strength, and endurance requirements.

  • Mesh Spring

    Mesh Spring

    The knitted stainless steel parts excellent in heat resistance and corrosion resistance are knitted, then processed into a predetermined shape by roll forming and press molding. Due to the complex interlaced state, it works excellently as a vibration proof spring and reduces high friction in certain applications.

  • Torsion Bar

    Torsion Bar

    Torsion Bar is a straight metal bar which uses the power generated from resistances to return to its orginial state.
    Requires minimal space for use.

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