Rolling is a process to apply pressure to material in order to create threads or similar impressions. We offer to streamline the processing of high precision parts in various fields such as the automotive industry, medical care, construction, and machinery.


Thread Forming

Rolling is primarily used on fasteners in an effort to save on material and process costs.


Screw and Bolt

We meet the requirement of our customers and possess the ability to supply to industries such as automotive, consumer electrical appliances, vessel, furniture, construction, and medical care.


Wave Washer

Wave Washers are used for the locking of fasteners. We can also design the fasteners that pair with each wave washer.


Screw Tool

Screwhead forming tool make a high perfection screw head which prevents most competition.


Characteristics: HCR are stainless steel bolts, exceeding SUS304 in strength and have greater corrosion resistance.
Benefits: Due to the high corrosion resistance, bolt replacement is not needed as you do to the current bolt. Also, it has enough strength therefore, downsize and/or weight saving are possible .


Characteristics: HITEN TAPPING bolt has a self tapping function on the bolt end.
Benefits: Cost reduction by eliminating internal threads through thread forming process is possible. Size and weight reductions are also possible without losing bolt strength.


Characteristics: PAINTREMOVE Bolt removes paint in the internal threads while driving.
Benefits: Eliminate the masking process of the internal threads, retapping, etc…


Characteristics: TORSAVE is a friction stabilizer that controls coefficient of friction generated while tightening a bolt. The top coat is water-soluble and eco-friendly.
Benefits: TORSAVE stabilizes tightening axial force, increases tightening reliability and then reduces tightening torque.

Earth Bolt

Characteristics: Original earth bolt is a bolt which has grounding function on the shank and paint removing function on the tip. * Protite is also a original earth bolt.
Benefits: Original earth bolt removes painting inside the internal thread without damaging it and provides stable grounding function.


Characteristics: Access point is designed with a low complete thread on the screw end, equal to the inner diameter of the internal threads. It reduces assembly problems such as misalignment and scuffing.
Benefits: A bolt designed to lessen the degree of difficulty during application. The access point allows for quick assembly improving productivity.


Characteristics: Strontite is a self tapping screw. The surface hardness specfication allows for easy tightening during application.
Benefits: Prevents over tightening, stripping, screw breaking and delayed fracture in Hiten steel. It also decreases driving torque during the assembly process.


Characteristics: TWINTITE has a special thread form that provides anti-fatigue and anti-loosening effects.
Benefits: Threads of TWINTITE evenly proportions the stress, improving strength against fatigue and has an anti-loosening effect.


Characteristics: TROISTITE is a self-forming screw that eliminates the need for tapping and weld nuts. There are 3 depressions on the screw end to reduce driving torque and contact area. This provides great workability.
Benefits: Eliminates weld nut. It provides stable tightening to tensile strength plate.


Characteristics: Original thread angle and design made LOBE-TITE P-Type applicable not only for tightening to plastic but also steel plates.
Benefits: Eliminates plastic insertion nut. It improves workability during the assembly process by preventing cracks in the plastic, materials etc….

NL Screw

Characteristics: NL screw is designed with threads which generate force of repulsion when flank surfaces of the threads make contact with the internal threads. This force generates prevailing torque*1 and prevents loosening.
*1 The friction torque generated as pressure is applied resists loosening as a result of vibration.
Benefits: Cost reduction is possible by eliminating adhesive agent. Also, by eliminating adhesive agent, it is eco-friendly.


Characteristics: Avecs is a product that a steel plate and a bolt are caulked bonding both together.
Benefits: Compare using welding method, it is easy to control production due to the small variations in production accuracy. Also, by using caulking method, it enables high strength bolts that is weak to high temperature, to other materials.

Titanium Screw & Bolt

Characteristics: Products made from pure titanium and/or titanium alloy.
Benefits: High corrosion resistance and weight saving.

Aluminum Screw & Bolt

Characteristics: Products made from aluminum which is 1/3 less weight compared to steel.
Benefits: Our aluminum bolts can control expansion due to heat while fastening aluminum parts. So it prevents loosening. Also, corrosion due to difference in potential is prevented. In addition, it is recyclable.

Retainer Bolt

Characteristics: Retainer bolt is a product that a plastic washer assembled during the rolling process.
Benefits: The use of retainer bolts eliminates the plastic injection molding process; resulting in a cost saving. The plastic part and the bolt can be separated making it easy to recycle.

Plastic Molded Product

Characteristics: Products that plastic is molded to screw and/or bolt.
Benefits: The use of plastic as a part of the product reduces the weight. Plastic can be shaped which is not possible in the cold heading process. In addition, We can produce plastic products with added fastening features.

Machine screw

Characteristics: Machine screws are common and used in many applications all over the World. We can produce numerous types in a wide range of sizes and lengths. Most common is the cross-recess produced since first started producing screws. We are not limited to the cross-recessed and is capable of producing a hex lobular head and other types of recesses are also available.
Benefits: By selecting the correct product and application this will improve productivity and cost is saved. Furthermore, cost can be saved by standardizing specifications and mass-producing.

Tapping screw

Characteristics: Tapping screws/bolts, also known as self forming screws/bolts, create internal threads while driving. They are commonly used all over the world. As a pioneer invented many shapes and thread types; standard, construction, plastic material fastener, etc. We use several material grades and sizes to produce these types of threads, carbon and SUS410 stainless which currently used for a razor are two types commonly known.
Benefits: By selecting the correct product and application this will improve productivity and cost is saved. Furthermore, cost can be saved by standardizing specifications and mass-producing.

HRF Bolt (Hiten Refining Bolt)

Characteristics: HRF Bolt (Hiten Refining Bolt) has 1400MPa strength by quenching and tempering processes. Bolt strength is higher compared to other bolts in the current market. Also, HRF bolts reduce the risk of delay fractures, and are less likely to lose bolt strength in high temperature environments.
Benefits: By using HRF, size and weight reductions are possible without losing bolt strength. This bolt application can be used in a high-temperature environment, replacing a stainless steel bolt.